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Here are some way of getting hold of me, you probably want this one:


Below are other option.

Freedom loving platforms

These are freedom and privacy respecting communication platforms. Please use these. They are all Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) so anyone can inspect their code for quality and honesty. That’s how I can be sure they are secure and respect my privacy.

Mastodon: My public profile: Mastodon is a microbloging platform (learn more).

Matrix: My nickname is (learn more). Matrix is a multi-media chat, video and file exchange platform

Email: (hosted by Proton). To encrypt our correspondance you can download the Duncan Lithgow public encryption key file, and send me your public key.

Video chat with Jitsi: (learn more) video chat by arrangement

Phone call with VOIP: (learn more) I’m happy to give you a normal call on your telephone. The calling rates are pretty cheap for me.

… almost freedom loving:

Signal: (learn more) I should be easy to find once you have my phone number. They’re FLOSS software but they require a valid phone number to connect to their system. This is both a security and privacy concern.

Telegram: (learn more) my name is just Duncan Lithgow. Similar to Signal they restrict how I can use them by running proprietary server software. This makes it impossible for me to know what their server is doing with my metadata.

Closed platforms

On these closed platforms the customer is the advertiser, as a user of their ‘free’ platform your data is the product they are selling. This model of earning money is know as surveillance capitalism.

I prefer the freedom and privacy respecting platforms above, go on and check them out.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is not free from criticism and controversies but I’m willing to let them sell my data to advertisers in return for helping my career. But unless you’re a recruiter I suggest you contact me some other way.

Twitter: Please check out Mastodon instead, it’s very similar without the spying and harm. Here’s a search for the biggest problems with twitter.

Google email: Google are not so great as they used to be so I’ve moved to Proton for my email/calendar/drive/VPN needs. The saying goes that Google started with the moto “don’t be evil“, but now they make military drones.

Skype: I’m simply Duncan Lithgow on Skype. But there’s no real reason to use it since we can just use Jitsi Meet in a browser. I don’t usually have Skype installed.

Reddit: I don’t always have a Reddit client installed, but it’s useful sometimes. I’m Duncan Lithgow on Reddit

Others: I don’t check Facebook / Facebook Messenger / Instagram. Meta is an evil company and has been caught encouraging eating disorders, supporting slave trading. and enabling the genocide against Rohinga in Myanmar.

Here’s my mastodon feed

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