You found my home on the internet! There’s really nothing to see here. So how about reading a random page from Wikipedia?

But since you can’t stop yourself reading this far I’ll keep talking

Free Software & Open Source Software are key elements of our digital infrastructure and they deserve your support. Currently I support the following projects with a small monthly amount or a membership:

  • Mastodon is an alternative to birdsite (aka Twitter)
  • FreeCAD is a solid modelling application similar to SolidWorks or Fusion360
  • BlenderBIM is an OpenBIM NativeIFC application built on Blender
  • OSArch supports open source in architecture, engineering & construction
  • Free Software Foundation (USA) has the mission to promote computer user freedom
  • Free Software Foundation Europe has the mission to promote computer user freedom
  • Liberapay is a free crowdfunding platform with zero fees
  • Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication