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Home Genealogy

The genealogy website is our childrens genealogy as I record it with the help of the GNU / open source GRAMPS genealogy package. Here are some shortcuts to the most important families:

My Father family:

. Annie MacRae is a descendant of the MacRae's of Kintail.

My Mother's family:

Maj Britt's family have a good collection of paper based genealogy records which I am planning to bring online in the future. For now the digital record are not very developed.

So how do I compare two GEDCOM files?

Email Udskriv PDF

This is no easy question, but an important one, so this is where I'll keep notes on what has worked for me.

 A quick search with google gave me only two promising leads:

I figured I must be able to do better than that! But Sourceforge and Freshmeat gave me nothing better. I guess the good tools are buried inside the commercial software. But the software I use (Gramps) does not yet have the ability to compare two genealogies, so I press on.

Eventually I found a copy of each program that I could actually download (found GEDCOM Analyser eventually), they're obviously not maintained any more. I'll add a note about how I get on later.